When accessing the Portasignatures, the error "The user does not exist or is not activated" appears, the main reason is that the user has not been registered with the tool, even so, there are some cases in keep in mind that we explain below.

  • The user has received an e-mail to sign a request : The fact of having received an e-mail to sign the Portasignatures does not necessarily imply that the user has been registered. Check if in the received e-mail there is a phrase indicating "This stream has been sent to you as an external user and you can only access it from this e-mail".

In this case, as the message indicates, you can only access the signature of the request from the link to the same found in the email.

  • User not registered : Please note that in order to be able to access the Portasignatures from the Applications section of EACAT, it is essential to be a user of the tool, if you have not received an email informing you of the registration and if you do not have evidence that your organization has requested that you become a user, it is very possible that you are not registered.

If this is your case, it is simply necessary for your organization to request your registration with the AOC following the instructions contained in the Registration to the AOC Portasignatures service

  • User registered, but with incorrect data : If you have received the registration email, but you cannot access it with your digital certificate, it is very likely that there was an error at some point in the management of the user's registration with your ID.

If you know you're registered, but you can't access it, contact us and we'll review your case. If your organization applied for registration with an incorrect ID, it will need to apply for registration again.

  • The DNI included in the certificate used is incorrect : Another error, uncommon, but which could happen, is that the DNI contained in the certificate is not the correct one. You can check which is the DNI contained in the certificate by accessing the certificate options of your browser and in the properties of the specific certificate you will be able to see this data.

In this case, you will have to solve the problem with the certificate to be able to access the Portasignatures. If it's a T-CAT from the AOC Consortium, you need to contact the person in charge of the digital certification service of your organization so that they can revoke your certificate and request a new issue.