As a signatory user, you can configure the notifications you receive from each stream you participate in. By default the communication level is set as "high". Just access your name at the top right of the Signature Porta to access your profile:


In this section you can configure, among other things, the level of communications you receive by email as a flow signer.


The available levels are as follows:

  • High level: you will receive several emails per request (for each read, signature or approval).
  • Medium: You will not receive read emails.
  • Low: You will only receive notification emails when a petition becomes available for your signature.
  • Newsletter: If you select this option, you can select the periodicity in which you want to receive a single email with all the requests received and actions taken in the flows where you are a signatory during this period (readings, signatures or approvals).


On the other hand, if you are also a writer, you can configure the level of warnings you want to receive for each request individually from the writing screen. You have explained it in detail in the "Communications related to the request" section of " Writing a new request to the AOC Portasignatures ".