Below you will find some recommendations to get the most out of the Portasignatures.

Register all the organization's workers

If you want to use the Portasignatures for internal use of your organization (signing labor contracts, payrolls, expense management, requests from workers to bosses...) it is highly recommended to register all the workers of the organization so that they appear as possible signatories when the drafting person has to send the signature request. The AOC's Portasignatures allows requests to be sent to unregistered people, but if the request is sent as an external user, you will not be able to access all your requests from Portasignatures, if not only you can access each one individually through the link in the email received.

See information on how to request registration for the service and new users.

Use of the T-CATP

To be able to use the AOC's Portasignatures it is necessary to have a digital certificate, but it does not have to be a card, but it can be a software certificate (Type T-CATP). In this regard, if you plan for your workers to use the Portasignatures and one of them does not have a certificate, bear in mind that you do not need to request a T-CAT card certificate, but you can request a T-CAT P certificate , which will also allow users of the tool to sign through their mobile device.

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Create and share writing templates

In the right menu of the tool, writing users have the option "Writing templates".


This option is very useful for those users who regularly create requests with the same content (subject, recipients...), but with different documents. Through this option, users will be able to create requests through a form identical to that for writing new requests. These templates can be saved for use in writing and also shared with other users of the entity deciding whether they can only use them in writing or if they can also modify them.


Save regular streams

For those writers who tend to send streams to the same people, they can save the streams for reuse in other subsequent requests.


It is useful both for complex flows (in cascade, with several views...) and for simple flows. Once a stream is saved, it can be used by typing the name of the stream in the recipients section.


Send to internal communication recipients

In the form for writing a new request in Portasignatures (advanced writing) you will find an option called "Recipients of internal communication". The users of the tool indicated in this section will receive a communication when the flow ends, but they will also have access to it at any time from the communications section of the left menu.


It is very useful to use this field so that more than one person can follow the flows and not just the user who wrote it.